B Organic Farm

Teaching. Giving. Growing.

Learning with one of our garden instructors


We teach. Providing knowledge and teaching all about gardening from seed germination all the way to harvest.

Knowledge is power!


We give. We are growing for those who need us the most. We donate tens of thousands of pounds of food to our local food banks and places that provide to the needy in our community.

Real-life learning in hands-on classes!


We Grow. Planting lots of food to feed lots of folks! Organic production of vegetables, fruits and herbs with the help of our volunteers!

Come grow with us!

Some of our volunteers in our gardening community!

Community Relationships

All these gardening activities lend themselves handily to working together side by side, while learning positive food culture.

Travel Activities

We travel to local organizations in Yavapai County to donate produce and engage with the local community.

Featured Causes

The People We Teach, The Food We Give, The Produce We Grow

Prescott Food Forest

Prescott Food Forest

Explore the Prescott Food Forest, our partner in education and community outreach! The educational programs at B Organic Farm are through our partner nonprofit. Check them out to learn more!

B Organic Farm Logo. Located in Chino Valley, AZ 550 S Road 1 East.

B Organic Farm Ministry

B Organic Farm in Chino Valley utilizes student and volunteer hours to care for and improve the greenhouse and outside garden zones, so they can raise food and give generously to the community.

Foodscape.Tips Agricultural Resource Sharing Network. Free to register free to post in Yavapai County

Foodscape Agricultural Community

Community Driven Local Food Production Brings Food Security, Health and Nutrition to your Local Neighborhood or Town. FOODSCAPE Agricultural Resource Sharing Network is now AVAILABLE in Yavapai County cities and towns.

How YOU are changing lives

Your Local Neighbors

Some info here about activities of food donation. Kids and adults that need the food.


From ages 8 to 98. Passionate people who love learning new things. We teach organic gardening processes while providing a valuable product and service to the local community.

Our Volunteers

Those who take the time enjoy the rewards of their labor.

John Doe

Support Staff

Jane Doe

Support Staff

John Doe

Support Staff

Jane Doe

Support Staff


B Organic Farm Friends Tell it Like it is.

Absarootly the best Garden Class in Yavapai County.

John Doe

Peas and Carrots Peas and Carrots. Everyone likes Peas and Carrots.

Jane Doe

The potatoes have eyes, the corn has ears and the beanstalk.

John Doe